Vegan Springtime Beauty Favs

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Early Spring March/April Favorites! I fell in love with so many wonderful things the past few months and I have to share them with you! I hope you like the taste and smell of chocolate because this post is loaded with cocoa bliss! Continue reading

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Blushed, Flushed and Aggravated: Tarte bought by Animal Testers


Ladies and Gents, we have to stop buying Tarte Cosmetics. If only for a short while, we must. They are now mainly owned by a company who tests on animals and this is neither “vegan”, “cruelty free” or acceptable! Continue reading

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Weekend Beauty Binge: Naturally Luscious Lashes a’ la Vegan


The Beauty Without Cruelty vegan makeup line has packaging that pushes the cute limit and products that are far more effective than I would have ever imagined. Natural ingredients leave you looking prepped and primped without harm to our furry friends. Continue reading

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Best in Show: Vegan Acne Treatments

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Since I went off birth control 3 plus years ago, I have been dealing with some intrusive hormonal acne. Since then, I have been on the hunt for the very best vegan acne products around. After lots of trial and error, the clear winners are as follows… Continue reading

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Weekend Beauty 101: Get a Fast Cruelty-Free Fresh Face

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Looking well slept, rosy cheeked and like you took real time to get ready is simpler. Continue reading

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Weekend Beauty 101: Chocolate Coconut Sugar Scrub

(Jan) 29 2014 iEG cocoa scrub 010

Skin is weird. Oftentimes, in the summer, our skin tends to become dehydrated. Air conditioning and excessive sun exposure all lead to dry skin. On the other hand, some may think that winter might be the polar opposite (don’t excuse the pun — it’s clever) but that’s not the case. Continue reading

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