Vegan Beauty Basket: Zuii Organic Blossoming Beauty


How lovely would it be to step outside and pick flowers to wear on your face each day? Peachy rose petals for your cheeks? Well, now you’re pretty close. Zuii Organics uses essential oils and flowers to create gorgeous shades for every part of your beautiful face. Be sure to stop and smell the roses in this beauty line! Continue reading

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Dear Amarie, How Can I Harness My Long Lost Waves?


Remember Dear Abby? Ever wish you could write her to get Vegan beauty advice? Now, there’s Dear Amarie. Going Vegan with your whole life, including beauty and body care can be awesome, but daunting at first. It can take awhile to get the hang of natural products, to know what’s right for your skin, hair or body type. Fret no more! Dear Amarie is here. Continue reading

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Vegan Beauty Finds: Lotus Moon Battles Summer Skin Troubles


Ah, summer is finally here. The season of barbecues, beach days, and humidity-related skin issues. Continue reading

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Vegan Beauty 101: June Favorites


This month I have been using tea tree oil for anything and everything whether it’s keeping bugs away like mosquitoes and fleas or for my shampoo, in my face wash, as an on-the-spot blemish treatment, etc. It’s such an all-in-one! Continue reading

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ZenMed Vegan Acne Treatments that Kick Acne Ass


I’ve written several times about my battle with hormonal acne, which began 4 years ago when I went off the pill. Mostly I try and manage it with diet, which helps a great deal. However, when I do have a breakout, I turn to topicals to help kick acne ass. Recently I have been loving this line from ZenMed, a vegan skin care company that is pretty amazing. Continue reading

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Spring Beauty Alert: How-To Get Flowing Boho-Chic Locks


I already shared my love of Derm Organic’s Volumizing Mousse with you guys in one of my latest review/demo videos. What about straight, shiny locks? I got ya covered! Continue reading

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