Foodie Tuesday: How to Satisfy a Vegan Sweet Tooth


As much as us vegans hate to admit it, “vegan” doesn’t always translate into “healthy.” Still, I’m a vegan with a huge sweet tooth and an unwillingness to settle. I’ve found it’s pretty easy to satisfy sugar cravings in a healthy, natural way, so here are just a few of my go-to foods when you’re desperately in need of a sugar high. Continue reading

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The Best of Meatless Monday: Rosemary Seitan Salad

iEG-rosemary Seitan Salad

I developed this recipe while I was Executive Chef at Jivamukti Yoga School. Lucky for me, it was an instant favorite. Continue reading

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McDonald’s Comes Out of the Calorie Closet


Throughout the country, McDonald’s menus will begin to display a calorie count. Um, Earth to Mickey D’s… it’s about time. Continue reading

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Pinterest: It was the Best of Times, It was the Waste of Time


On Pinterest, I am the wittiest, healthiest, best dressed, most adventurous version of myself. This is great, until my battery is about to die. Suddenly, I’m thrown back into reality—its three pm, and I haven’t written, worked out, or done anything else productive all day. Continue reading

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The Other Omnivore’s Dilemma: Feeding an Herbivore

Image from health

I’ve been a burden since the day I was born, but when I was fourteen I multiplied my mental weight exponentially–I became an herbivore in an household full of omnivores. Continue reading

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Kitchen Party: Vegan Giant and The Lusty Vegan


So I would be lying if I pretended this was the first time I invited someone I met on the Internet to stay at my place. Continue reading

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