Check This: Launch of New New Online Vegan Fashion Magazine


For all of us compassionistas, this new and free online fashion magazine just launched to encourage bridging the gap between fashion and cruelty-free apparel. Continue reading

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Yes, There is Actually a David Bowie Museum Exhibit


Re-read the headline and tell me that is not the coolest thing ever. The whole gallery is accompanied by headphones and music of course, and explores all of the characters of David Bowie over the life of his career. Continue reading

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VAUTE is HAUTE: High Fashion Vegan at NYC Fashion Week


It’s about time that vegan fashion got some love on the runway and this year, something fabulous happened! Enter the most fabulous, runway ready, vegan fashion finds, of the season. Continue reading

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Fall Favorites: Vegan Back-to-School Essentials


So it’s back to college, back to high school, back to wherever its an excuse to buy new and exciting things to show off to your friends. Here’s a list of things you probably need, and how to score them cruelty-free! Continue reading

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Check out The Top Cruelty-Free Back-to-School Gear


Here’s a guide to some back-to-school bags and school supplies, campus-worthy clothes and casual kicks that avoid all the leather and hopefully keep things eco-friendly too. Continue reading

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Meg Mathews Designs Vegan Handbag Line

Wilby Clutches by Meg Mathews

Ready to rock high-end fashion trends while supporting animal rights? Good, because Meg Mathews wants to help you out. The new leather-free Primrose Hill Set collection by Mathews and Wilby is made entirely from eco-friendly cork and metal so shop no more, the solution is here! Continue reading

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