Marla Rose: Chicago’s Vegan Superhero

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She has founded a vegan website, and Chicago’s VeganMania festival, created a blog, published a book, and is starting a animal alliance group. (We can barely say that in one breath.) She is the woman, the myth, the legend: Marla Rose.
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Meals that will bring you back to LYFE

lyfe inside

My friends and I stumbled into LYFE Kitchen after a less than ideal winter for veggies. I temporarily forgot about my veggie deprivation, and I downed the healthiest and most vegan-friendly food I’ve had in a while. Continue reading

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A little less steak: The hypocrisy in love


There is a constant pang in my heart when people tell me how much they love their pets as a piece of their burger falls out of their talk hole… Continue reading

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Does Vegan Have A Race?

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This week, a member of our family at iEatGrass, social media coordinator, Odochi Ibe, wrote an article for Quartz about being, “young, black, and vegan.” Continue reading

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Chipotle: In With Tofu, Out with Pork


Chipotle announced that they will be eliminating all pork products from a third of their nearly 1800 locations on January 26. Wait, the SAME day they are promoting Sofritas in exchange for a FREE menu item just so they can get some meatless protein inside the tofu-curious population? Coincidence? I think not. Continue reading

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5 Steps to a More Nutritious Life with Larabar

LA box

I travel a lot or at least more than the average person. As a private chef last year I was on the road with a popular singer songwriter. We did a US and partial world tour. Consequently I was never home for more than 2-3weeks at a time. This year it has been more of the same, on the road promoting my new book The Lusty Vegan. Though it’s not as much traveling, it is just as taxing on my body. Continue reading

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