Check out The Top Cruelty-Free Back-to-School Gear


Here’s a guide to some back-to-school bags and school supplies, campus-worthy clothes and casual kicks that avoid all the leather and hopefully keep things eco-friendly too. Continue reading

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Happy 34th Birthday Harry Potter! + Butterbeer Recipe


A very special shout out to our main wiz: Harry Potter! It’s no coincidence either that it just so happens to be HP’s author’s birthday, J.K. Rowling (49), as well. Hey J.K., we see what you did there. Happy birthday, girl! Continue reading

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Meat Sucks! Eat Like A Vegan!

3 bean 2 pepper chili burger

Let’s be honest everything about the meat industry is kinda sucky, the abuse of animals, the overloading of antibiotics in the food chain which is basically laying the ground work for a zombie apocalypse no to mention the climate change dues to factory farming and of course meat breath Continue reading

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Watch My New Vegan Cooking Show, “Like a Vegan”

He Shoots, He Scores!

Happy summer!! I have been dying to tell you about this new web cooking show I filmed a few weeks back. I don’t think you heard me: I FINALLY GOT A COOKING SHOW!! Continue reading

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5 Resources For New Vegan Mommies and Dads!


Usually we jump for joy and pop champagne like it’s a NASA discovery when we see the word “vegan” in breaking news’ headlines. Sadly, earlier this week there was an unfortunate turn of events. Continue reading

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Crowd-fund This: Strongest Hearts Web Series is Hot and Healthy


Already vegan? Want to be a world-class athlete too? Not only is it possible, it is incredible. Continue reading

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