SeaWorld In Trouble


It’s hard out here for Orcas, but getting even harder for those who are continuing to keep them in captivity to do so. Continue reading

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Robin Williams Opens the Door To Talk About Depression


The news of Robin Williams’ death hit hard last week, and just about everyone is feeling it. Whether you grew up alongside Williams, watching Williams, or introducing your kids to the magic of Aladdin’s Genie, Robin Williams almost certainly brightened your life in some way. Continue reading

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Where to Buy Vegan-Friendly Ingredients Online



Okay you’ve been warned. Continue reading

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Fast Food: Going Vegan?

Vegan Sub

As the vegetarian and vegan population continues to flourish in the U.S., popular fast food restaurants are picking up on the trend. It was only a matter of time before supposedly healthier fast food restaurants, such as Subway, decided to test vegan options on their menu. Continue reading

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Happy 34th Birthday Harry Potter! + Butterbeer Recipe


A very special shout out to our main wiz: Harry Potter! It’s no coincidence either that it just so happens to be HP’s author’s birthday, J.K. Rowling (49), as well. Hey J.K., we see what you did there. Happy birthday, girl! Continue reading

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MTMUC: Vegan Sir Paul McCartney Bans Meat From His Tour


Vegetarian since 1975 and vegan more recently, Sir Paul McCartney is at it again. On his most recent tour, McCartney made sure that no animal products were being used to feed or produce his tour. Continue reading

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