Panko Roasted Asparagus


Get out and go to the farmers markets near your so you can get fresh produce to make great dishes! Continue reading

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Poppin’ Bottles In Celebration of Vegan Champagne


French champagne giant, Duval-Leroy, recently announced that after twenty years of perfecting natural filtration techniques, they are officially going 100% vegan. Continue reading

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Veg News: Minnesota’s Last Beef Processing Plant Closes


Hot damn! This is something to feel good about.
Continue reading

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5 Best Vegan Target Buys!


From Dr. Bronner’s to kombucha, Target makes my life so much easier, and anything that makes living cruelty-free easier- I’m buyin! Continue reading

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Weekend Beauty 101: DIY Banana Sugar Body Scrub


This week, I tested out yet another scrub – full body treatment this time. The timing couldn’t be any more perfect for the browning banana in my kitchen; easier for mashing. When combined with sugar, a gentle aromatic exfoliating scrub forms. Continue reading

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Foodie on the Fly: Fruitful Adventures in Jamaica

JA Fruit

On my recent trip to Jamaica I stepped out of my comfort zone of bananas, pineapples, and papayas and dabbled in a variety of new fruits. Continue reading

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