The Lusty Vegan Drops Book Trailer Series

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This week was an exciting one; in addition to a volcano going off in my funky Hawaiian jungle town (yep, we’ve been declared both a disaster zone and a state of emergency in the same month), we also dropped the first three book trailers for The Lusty Vegan! Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With the Ice Bucket Challenge

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I was met with a lot of hostility this week, as were many fellow animal lovers, when we chose to opt out of the ALS ice bucket challenge as a way to raise awareness of the cruelty that animals suffer at our hands. Continue reading

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Instagram Contest: Got Vegan S’mores?


Summer + Campfires = S’mores, so Vegan + Camping = Vegan S’mores, right? Continue reading

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Where to Buy Vegan-Friendly Ingredients Online



Okay you’ve been warned. Continue reading

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Fast Food: Going Vegan?

Vegan Sub

As the vegetarian and vegan population continues to flourish in the U.S., popular fast food restaurants are picking up on the trend. It was only a matter of time before supposedly healthier fast food restaurants, such as Subway, decided to test vegan options on their menu. Continue reading

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Music To Make You Cooler: 10 Late Summer Festivals To Attend

Gathering of the Vibes

Feeling like you need to make it to a summer music festival? Well yeah, if you are a human being with a decent lust for partying then of course you are. Continue reading

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