Music To Make You Cooler: 10 Late Summer Festivals To Attend

Gathering of the Vibes

Feeling like you need to make it to a summer music festival? Well yeah, if you are a human being with a decent lust for partying then of course you are. Continue reading

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Crowd-fund This: Strongest Hearts Web Series is Hot and Healthy


Already vegan? Want to be a world-class athlete too? Not only is it possible, it is incredible. Continue reading

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Meg Mathews Designs Vegan Handbag Line

Wilby Clutches by Meg Mathews

Ready to rock high-end fashion trends while supporting animal rights? Good, because Meg Mathews wants to help you out. The new leather-free Primrose Hill Set collection by Mathews and Wilby is made entirely from eco-friendly cork and metal so shop no more, the solution is here! Continue reading

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Tuesday April 29: “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse Marks First Eclipse of 2014


The moon will block the sun in the first solar eclipse of the year on Tuesday (April 29), and stargazers in Australia have some of the best seats on the planet. But you don’t have to be in the land Down Under to see the sun spectacle — you can watch it online for free. Continue reading

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General Mills Original Cheerios Go Non-GMO: Total Victory or Total BS?


Has the food giant General Mills honestly stopped sourcing bioengineered corn starch and sugar cane for its original Cheerios? Continue reading

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Citrus Disease is Ravaging Florida Groves

Photo by Jason Henry for the New York Times

Florida’s citrus industry is dealing with a bacterial disease with no cure that has infected all 32 of the state’s citrus-growing counties. Continue reading

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