Meatless Monday: 11 Smoking Hot Recipes for the Vegan Grill

photo: 86lemons

Tired of the looks of pity that you get from your loved ones during the summer BBQ season? You know, as they pass around their platters piled high with various animal parts assuming that the sight is making you yearn with envy. ::scoffs:: Continue reading

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Picking out a watermelon is like having a child, or so I’ve heard. You go to the grocery store and locate the pile of watermelons. You turn each one over, inspect it for bruises, knock on the outside to hear if it’s hollow, maybe even shake ‘em a little bit. Finally, you find the perfect one. You cradle it in your arms, look at it with eyes filled with instant love, and eventually take it home. It’s exactly like having a kid. Continue reading

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Vegan Prison-Friendly Recipes To Make While Binge-Watching Orange Is The New Black

photo: Jill Greenberg

On June 6th, the ladies of OITNB will make their grand re-entrance into our lives as the highly anticipated second season debuts on Netflix…If you’ve been living anywhere besides under a rock, you may have noticed that people have gone gaga for the lady convicts…Now, the ladies of Litchfield may not get to dine on the most glamorous of meals, but prison “chefs” get MAJOR points for creativity…Luckily for us, we can prepare some of these prison treats in a FAR healthier fashion. The recipes I’ve rounded up for you are just as simple…without the death sentence. Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: 5 Festive (and Healthy!) Cocktails for Memorial Day Weekend

Sangria Salute

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up, and you know what that means…day drinking! However, while you’re celebrating, you can still be “healthy” with these fun but (mostly) naturally flavored cocktails. Enjoy responsibly because it’s still a Monday… Continue reading

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iEG Crush: Meet Vegan Cookie Crafters – Chia Chicks…Plus, A Giveaway!


This week, we caught up with Misty McCauley and Marija Baljak, the owners of Chia Chicks, Inc. who met while working for a large corporate immigration firm in the New York City area. The two quickly became friends and soon discovered that their paths had crossed for a reason other than doing paralegal work together! Continue reading

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10 Vegan Popcorn Recipes To Make While Binge-Watching Scandal

photo: Domesticate Me

Planning to spend the weekend catching up on Scandal episodes? These 10 popcorn recipes will keep your belly satisfied as you spend hours glued to whatever electronic device you own. You can live off of popcorn (and wine!)…after all, it works for Liv! Continue reading

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