7 Kitchen Gadgets You Can Say “Goodbye” To This Spring


If you’re anything like me, you like a nice, organized kitchen so when you go to battle out the next recipe, everything’s right at your fingertips. This winter I realized my utensil drawer getting full of gadgets I never used – and that was just the beginning. Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: Remembering Sam Simon

Sam Simon

I met Sam Simon once, when I moved to Los Angeles two years ago and I went to a charity event for Mercy for Animals. I walked outside to the balcony near a small crowd of people. I smiled introduce myself to everyone there- dropped the “vegan all my life” card since I knew that would fly at this party. Continue reading

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Five Delicious Ways to Keep McDonald’s on The Ropes


McDonald’s saw its stock fall by $300 million over the past quarter. Some are blaming fast casual restaurants for the decline in business; others are citing healthier food trends as the cause. Here are five slammin’ vegan alternatives to McDonald’s, for vegans and the health conscious on the go. Continue reading

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Chipotle: In With Tofu, Out with Pork


Chipotle announced that they will be eliminating all pork products from a third of their nearly 1800 locations on January 26. Wait, the SAME day they are promoting Sofritas in exchange for a FREE menu item just so they can get some meatless protein inside the tofu-curious population? Coincidence? I think not. Continue reading

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Fresh Faced Beauty tips & tricks


This year you are going to be fabulous, gorgeous, fitter, leaner, healthier and radiate beauty. Here’s some tips, tricks and plans to get you on the road to beauty success; like pearlier whites, glowing skin and makeup tricks to make you fresh as f*ck. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Q&A with Brit Ankari, Founder of Leni Penn

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 11.43.26 AM

A bag is just a bag until you give it meaning. Whether it’s a canvas bag for groceries, a duffel bag for your carryon or a laptop case that contains all your technical devices… as basic creatures of habit, we attribute each of our carrying vessels to a particular category of items. Well, I’m eager to inform you that the days of juggling knapsacks, handbags, totes, and suitcases are donezo. Continue reading

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