The Lusty Vegan Has Officially Been Released!


It’s official! While October 3rd may be Mean Girl day, October 7th is The Lusty Vegan Day! Well, it’s the day the book has officially been released. Continue reading

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October DIY: Make Your Own Pumpkin Keg!


I saw this at a friends’ party this weekend and thought “oh yes I simply have to blog about this” so here you go! This pumpkin keg is oh so easy and makes every Halloween party that much better, trust me! Continue reading

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The Lusty Vegan: Let’s Talk About Grapefruiting


So good, it could kill you. Continue reading

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Halloween Essentials: Vegan Face & Body Paint


Ever wondered where to get Vegan face paints that were natural, kid friendly and actually worked!? Ever wondered if this magical unicorn product really existed? Natural Earth Paints has an amazing Vegan kit that you have to check out this year! Full of color for all your crazy, scary ideas! Continue reading

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Happy Annual World Vegetarian Day!


Did you know that October was Vegetarian Awareness Month, and that October 1st is Annual World Vegetarian Day?! Continue reading

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Culturally Appropriate Foodie Tuesday – A Rant About Thug Kitchen


This week, a highly anticipated vegan cookbook came out. Until now, its anonymous authors remained hidden behind a thin veil of “ghetto” slang that’s been owning the internet for the past year on the blog that would later become the book. Continue reading

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