Beauty Basics: Back-to-School Time, Vegan Style!


Back to school is all rushy, rushy. No time for fun or fab. Well, I am here to fix that. Not only can you make your life easier with a few hacks on how to prep, but you can do it all flawlessly and with flare! From a quick full coverage face, easy and healthy breakfast, snacks to go and how to set up for those rolling out of bed and into clothing days. Get schooled on going back! Continue reading

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Vegan S’mores Instagram Competition Winner


Congrats to “GotVegan” for winning our Vegan S’mores Instagram competition! Continue reading

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How To Avoid Emotional Eating


Binge Eating: We all do it. Sometimes more than we should. We do it when we’re happy, sad, stressed, celebrating, or just out of boredom. It’s easy to use food as a crutch, and that sugar rush you get from your favorite sweet snacks is instant gratification. While a small dose of stress eating will not be physically damaging, they can quickly develop into a habit. Continue reading

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Labor Day Leftovers: Bean and Avocado Tex Mex Dip


My roommate and I made this awesome Bean and Avocado Tex Mex dip for her family Labor Day party and it rocks. We modified a recipe her mom had lying around, and it is delicious/addictive/dangerous so beware. Fun fact: ALSO GLUTEN FREE!
Continue reading

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Ask Amarie: What are my Beauty Options as a Busy Mom?


Dear Amarie, Is there an easy product I can use in my quick shower to help cut back on the crazy oily mess that is my face? Super awesome if there is little or no trash left over. Bonus points for a product safe for a kid, as my little one often is in my shower splashing at my feet! Continue reading

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The Lusty Vegan: Activist Makes Creepy Videos About Vegans Being Better in Bed


Every movement has to have a handful of nerdy white dudes making music videos in their basements, right? Continue reading

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