7 Tips for Vegans in the Netherlands


I have the pleasure of spending the next three months in the town of Well, in the province of Limburg in the Netherlands, where a normal diet consists largely of cheese, meat, and bread. I got to thinking that a vegan travel tip guide might be helpful to other vegans ready to take on the world.
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Rita’s Pita Pizza

Pita Pizza

We don’t need to mess with dough! Here’s an easy way to make a quick, vegan-friendly pizza, with any toppings you want- as long as they fit on the pita! Pita pizza can be easy, versatile, and delicious! Continue reading

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Fresh Faced Beauty tips & tricks


This year you are going to be fabulous, gorgeous, fitter, leaner, healthier and radiate beauty. Here’s some tips, tricks and plans to get you on the road to beauty success; like pearlier whites, glowing skin and makeup tricks to make you fresh as f*ck. Continue reading

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The Lusty Vegan: Crowdfunded Wearable Sex Toy Closes Pleasure Gap


The couple’s toy (meaning a toy meant for both parties) aims to close what creators Janet Lieberman and Alexandra Fine call the “pleasure gap” in heterosexual partnerships. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Cornelia Guest


Designer Cornelia Guest bridges the gap between high-end fashion and cruelty-free hippie style with her newest vegan line featured on Project Gravitas. Continue reading

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New Year New Food: Food Trends 2015


Kicking off the new year in good health is important and so is maintaining your positive streak into 2015. These are the trends you’ll see everywhere, so make the most of them and incorporate the new foods into your exciting food life! Continue reading

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