The New York Times: Ayinde’s Enchiladas recipe.

The New York Times, When Chocolate and Chakras Collide.

Grub Street: Wildflower article.

The Gothemist Wildflower article.

Sept/Oct VegNews Print.

The Seattle Times, Hillside Quickie’s Vegan Sandwich Shop article.

The Village Voice: Wildflower Article.

BAG: Ayinde’s interview with By any greens necessary

All things Girl: Ayinde interview.

Vegan Mainstream: Covering Ayinde on Rocco’s dinner party.

Friends Eat: Ayinde Interview.

Ayinde’s guest post on Girlie Girl Army dot com.

VegNews covers Ayinde on Rocco’s Dinner Party.

Bravo Blog on Ayinde’s Episode of Rocco’s Dinner Party.

Ayinde’s Guest post on Crazy Sexy Life dot com.

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