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Meatless Monday: Not Yo’ Mama’s Jerk Chik’n Salad


Last month, we dabbled in raw chef-ery (yes, I’m making up words now lol). Today, I want to focus on quick, no-cook meals that keep you and your kitchen cool. This is not a “jerk vegan chik’n over greens” kinda salad. This is old school chicken salad, remixed “island style” Continue reading

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iEG Crush: Nasoya Nayonaise


I’m back to doing what I do best- reviewing food! I thought I would show you some versatility in my last two non-food related reviews, but now it’s back to the grub! I got my hands on some Nasoya Nayonaise in the sandwich spread and whipped varieties to give a whirl! Now, I will admit that in my pre-vegan days I was not all that into mayo or Miracle Whip, so this wasn’t something that I was going to miss as I transitioned into my more enlightened way of eating. šŸ™‚ Continue reading

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Music to Make You Cooler: Red Gold Green (RDGLDGRN)

Republic Records

In a world of synthesized, reverberated bubble gum pop, Red Gold Green (RDGLDGRN) stands out by fusing aspects of alternative music and hip hop. Like Vonnegutt, this trio from D.C. is forging the way for the newly emerging genre of indie rock/rap. With a mix of tight rap verses and melodic choruses set against hard hitting drums and upbeat guitars, RDGLDGRN’s duality definitely brings something new to the table. Continue reading

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The Best of Meatless Monday: Rosemary Seitan Salad

iEG-rosemary Seitan Salad

I developed this recipe while I was Executive Chef at Jivamukti Yoga School. Lucky for me, it was an instant favorite. Continue reading

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