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Culturally Appropriate Foodie Tuesday – A Rant About Thug Kitchen


This week, a highly anticipated vegan cookbook came out. Until now, its anonymous authors remained hidden behind a thin veil of “ghetto” slang that’s been owning the internet for the past year on the blog that would later become the book. Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: Roadchef Diaries, Sugar, Sugar Sugar


Hi, my name is Ayinde and I’m addicted to sugar. Last week I talked about how much I ate at DC Vegfest and how it was mostly sugar. Well, I have a confession: it’s not just something that I do on special trips. I do it all the time! I’m riding the sticky bowl, I’m on the cane train. I love sugar dammit! Continue reading

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Music to Make You Cooler: Michelle Obama- First Lady and Rap Star?


In honor of the one-year anniversary of her “Let’s Move” campaign, Michelle Obama is teaming up with Partnership for a Healthier America to make a rap album. Continue reading

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U.S. Congress and American Consumers Dethrone Another “King”


History was made on June 20, 2013 when the full House rejected the Farm Bill advanced to the floor by House leadership.The main reason why the bill was rejected was because of the “King amendment,” which would have have repealed numerous state laws on animal protection. Authored by Rep. Steve King, R- Iowa, this amendment would have undermined the laws that ensured humane treatment of farm animals instituted in California and other states. Continue reading

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Agri-tecture: The Solution to Food Deserts?

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Who’s ready for a vocabulary lesson? The word of the day is agri-techture, which is defined as “buildings that grow food or building-integrated agriculture.” This compound noun was coined by Henry Gordon-Smith, a graduate student in sustainability management at Columbia University, on his blog of the same name. Continue reading

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