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My Meatless Life: Remembering Sam Simon

Sam Simon

I met Sam Simon once, when I moved to Los Angeles two years ago and I went to a charity event for Mercy for Animals. I walked outside to the balcony near a small crowd of people. I smiled introduce myself to everyone there- dropped the “vegan all my life” card since I knew that would fly at this party. Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: Cuddle food


Every year in New York around this time, we would get warnings that a blizzard was coming! For all my friends and readers who live in the cold– you know what that means; get some groceries and hunker down. Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

Shep's Pie

It’s freezing outside- everywhere. In fact, when it goes down to 60 degrees here in LA, some nights I feel like I’m in the frozen tundra!  I mean, how can we survive? While other parts of the country are really cold -like -10 degrees- I cannot comprehend how people function in that kind of f#&$ing cold. Growing up in Seattle, pre global warming days, summer highs were only in the upper 60’s.  Then after living in NYC for 8 years, where the hot, muggy summers were not enjoyable enough to … Continue reading

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Watch My New Vegan Cooking Show, “Like a Vegan”

He Shoots, He Scores!

Happy summer!! I have been dying to tell you about this new web cooking show I filmed a few weeks back. I don’t think you heard me: I FINALLY GOT A COOKING SHOW!! Continue reading

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Best of 2013: My Meatless Life Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

Hi, my name is Ayinde and I’m addicted to sugar. Hi Ayinde!
Last week I talked about how much I ate at DC Vegfest and how it was mostly sugar. Well, I have a confession: it’s not just something that I do on special trips. I do it all the time! I’m riding the sticky bowl, I’m on the cane train. I love sugar dammit! Honestly, I think I’m fine. I’m just here because “some people” think eating three vegan doughnuts in one sitting is considered a “red flag.” Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: #Roadchef Spiritual Mumbo Jumbo


Life is full of lessons that are cleverly disguised as people and situations. People that get on your nerves, situations that erk you, things that make you mad. By you, I of course mean me. Continue reading

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