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Meatless Monday: 11 Smoking Hot Recipes for the Vegan Grill

photo: 86lemons

Tired of the looks of pity that you get from your loved ones during the summer BBQ season? You know, as they pass around their platters piled high with various animal parts assuming that the sight is making you yearn with envy. ::scoffs:: Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: 7 Boozy Vegan Recipes To Start July 4th Weekend With A BANG!

Photo: Wit and Vinegar

With less than a handful of ingredients, you can elevate the common spirit into something magical. Chocolate SAKE, anyone?? Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: Top 5 Tricks for Apartment BBQ Done Right

Gimme all the veggies!

I would love to lay out by the pool while someone grills me up some delicious tofu, but sadly that’s not the world I live in. My studio apartment in Philadelphia isn’t the best at satisfying my summer needs, especially when it comes to outdoor cooking. So how do I quench my summer cravings? I fake my way to grilling! Continue reading

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Recipes from My Meatless Life: BBQ Pizza

BBQ Pizza

For some reason, I took a trip down memory lane this weekend. Cue dreamy music: It’s 2006 in New York and I just moved to town. I needed a job and most people just didn’t believe me when I said on my resume that I had been an owner/chef of a café for the past six years in Seattle Continue reading

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How-To: Throw an EcoCue (Green Your BBQ, Folks!)

Photo by the Inadvertent Farmer

Now that we’re in the midst of summer, some of you are bound to be hosting one of summers best excuses to get your drink on and hang with your friends: barbecues! But while BBQs are fun, they can be extremely costly to the environment. Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Grilling Tips for the Plant Eater

Image from savoryreviews.com

The best part of summer is cooking and eating outside, especially on a warm night. Below are a few things to remember when grilling your plant based (PB) proteins, just to keep everything rolling the way it’s supposed to. Continue reading

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