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Food Porn Party: Wheatgrass, Mac and Trees, and T-Shirts!


This week, the iEG team is getting creative with wheatgrass, mac and cheese, and our Food Porn Fluffer shirts! This week, we don’t just have the pictures to prove it, we’ve got the goods too! Continue reading

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Caramel Apple Monkey Bread Muffins

caramel apple monkey bread

Happy Fall, Friends! It’s officially here, and I daresay I’m finally ready for it. Ayinde mentioned that he was hankering for a good, old-fashioned caramel apple. I can’t remember the last time I had one, to tell you the truth, but I certainly used to love the gooey caramel that would stick to my teeth, the crunchy apple, the salty peanuts… Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: #WondalandWest + Avocado Bruschetta


It’s always fun to feed people vegan food for the first time. I was asked to cook for a house full of non-vegan southern black folks in town for the Grammys and Janelle suggested brunch. Anybody who knows me knows that’s the magic word. I came through and put it down! Janelle Monae, Deep Cotton and the whole Wondaland crew went vegan… for a meal. Continue reading

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Tickets on Sale NOW for WildFlower!

  Located at LTO 171 East Broadway (formerly Broadway East) NYC’s first plant based, pop-up restaurant was hatched by Chef Ayinde Howell and made possible by his I Eat Grass (dot) com community via Kickstarter. Howell, a life long vegan and vegan chef for over 12 years would not call himself an expert on the subject of plant based cuisine. He’s still learning , “I want to give people the full spectrum of vegan cuisine as I have experienced it as a lifestyle and as career.” From that thought, the … Continue reading

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I Eat Grass- 365 Days Later

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! This is our one year anniversary and I am very proud.  The idea of i Eat Grass was just that, an idea.   I had no clue how to pull off but I knew it was the right choice.  I was bitten by the bug of broadcasting, but knowing nothing about the blogosphere. I launched a iEat grass (dot) com with just a few personal stories and a couple of recipes.  365 days later we have a thriving online community encompassing iEG, facebook and twitter.   I am assisted by … Continue reading

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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Waffle Time…

Brooklyn! Manhattan! Queens! The Bronx! SI, NJ COME & GET IT!!! (as he rings the brunch bell).  Come See what Time Out New York, GirliegirlArmy.com, The New York Times and err-body else is talking about! Petit Dejeuner: Waffle Brunch! Join Joshua Katcher from The Discerning Brute and myself Chef Ayinde as I pursue waffle perfection! This and every Sunday this winter (soooooo over it!) at The West  Cafe  379 Union Avenue - 11am 3pm. See you there! Gluten Free Soy Free FreeJack!  Chocolate Orange  Pumpkin Spice  

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