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WTF Vegan Food Founder Launches Blogger Training Program


If you have been struggling to increase your readership or engage your audience, you could probably use a few tried and true pointers. And with Kristin’s hands-on approach to this program, complete with live group calls and a Facebook support group, you will finally get the guidance you need to take your business to the next level. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Confessions of a Dressaholic


We all have that favorite dress that we want to wear all the time. It fits perfectly, flatters effortlessly, and just makes you feel good. Unfortunately, we can’t wear our favorite dress all the time…or can we? With proper styling, I believe that any girl’s favorite dress can master the three basic roles of dress duty. Continue reading

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The Future in Foods: Veganism In the Lab?


Flax and chia eggs may be a thing of the past, as Hampton Creek Foods’, a San Francisco-based laboratory, has seventeen scientists working tirelessly to create a flawless egg alternative. Hampton Creek is one of many venture capital-backed startups trying to engineer dietary alternatives that are better for the planet, healthier for people, and save the lives of animals. Who knew that the next step of the clean-food movement would be taking place in labs?
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Meet the Mylkman

Jeff Leaf, founder of the Mylkman Company What could be better than the creamy combination of raw, organic almonds and coconut water? If you could have it delivered directly to your doorstep. Read on as IEG contributor Zoe Eisenberg, dishes with Jeff Leaf—founder of the Mylkman Company—a raw organic almond milk producer in LA County that delivers freshly made almond “mylk” right local residents.’ Leaf, a Montana native with a raw hunger for adventure, gives IEG the scoop on why he loves maintaining a mainly raw diet and what it … Continue reading

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