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Viva La Vegan!


Rancho Cucamonga, California is home to many grocery stores. One, however, stands out from the rest. Continue reading

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U.S. Congress and American Consumers Dethrone Another “King”


History was made on June 20, 2013 when the full House rejected the Farm Bill advanced to the floor by House leadership.The main reason why the bill was rejected was because of the “King amendment,” which would have have repealed numerous state laws on animal protection. Authored by Rep. Steve King, R- Iowa, this amendment would have undermined the laws that ensured humane treatment of farm animals instituted in California and other states. Continue reading

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Trending… California’s Meatless Monday Hug


LA has done it again. Besides medical marijuana and gay marriage, Los Angeles leads the way again as the largest city in the US to officially join the international “Meatless Monday” movement. Continue reading

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