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iEG UPDATE: Summer Scavenger Hunt Contest!

Just an example to get your mind goin'! Creativity is encouraged.

The iEatGrass team is thrilled to announce our first ever Scavenger Hunt contest to kick off summer 2013. Not afraid to be a total goofball in public? A wild child? Or just don’t care what other people think in general? Then this is the perfect challenge for you! Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: Spring Dating Dont’s & Fried Sweet Plantains


The other nice thing a about spring is that thing that releases in the air and makes us humans a bit more flirtatious and friendly. That thing whatever it is pheromones, the warmies, kundialini, mojo, whatever you want to call it – it is powerful. But you have to be careful not to get stung in all this people pollen. Continue reading

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iEG Charity Event Feb. 20: The Lusty Vegan Comedy Mixer


We are excited to announce iEG’s upcoming charity event: The Lusty Vegan Comedy Mixer. Come join in on the fun and enjoy drinks and eats prepared by Chef Ayinde. All proceeds will go to Project Green Up. Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: LA

Runyon LA

I guess it’s called kinetic energy. I feel like I was shot out of a cannon last week. It all happened so fast. I looked up and I was in LA. Yes, Los Angeles, CA. Let me backtrack a little. It’s a place I’ve said I wanted to live for the last five years. I was waiting for everything to be perfect and in place; the money, the connections — all that stuff, but life is rarely perfect. Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: Me, Mom, and No Microwave

MML leftover

I took my mother to the theater Saturday night. It just so happened that we went to see a play by Tennessee Williams called the Glass Menagerie. The play is about an overbearing mother who has a troubled relationship with her son and wants her daughter to get a man gentleman caller. The catharsis kicked in about 15 minuets into the play and she leaned in and said “are you sure you didn’t know what this play was about?” I nervously answered “Nope!” Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Summer Salad-The Waldorf


The funny thing about my relationship with Granny is I still find out things about my grandmother even though she passed a few years back. Yes, my Grandmother is the Tupac of my family…. Continue reading

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