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My Meatless Life: Conquering My Fears in the Form of Pre-Performance Jitters

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I have a short break from the Songversation tour, and how did I spend it? In LA, rehearsing and planning my next work-shopping installment of My Meatless Life, of course. My Meatless Life is my one man show, and my next performance is in Austin on November 7th. Everyone keeps asking me what it’s about? Well, it’s about life and all its ups and downs. Like most of the lives we lead, the story is about love, redemption, puberty in the 80’s the crack era and being raised vegan.  Like … Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: Build a Greenhouse in Brooklyn


This week, we are holding a charity even to support a local student run organization called Project GreenUP, currently working to put a greenhouse in Brooklyn. I first learned about the organization from a friend and once I looked into it, I found the leader was this young charismatic kid named Tafari John-King. I saw a bit of my self in him, and I also champion the project of having a green house in Brooklyn. Continue reading

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