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Fashion Friday: 5 Last-Minute Gifts for the Vegan Fashionista


With only five days left until Christmas, you still may be at a loss for what to get that special vegan fashionista on your list. Look no further—we’ve found the top five last-minute and affordable gifts that are both cruelty free and totally chic! Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: I’m in Love with Lush

It's like a bar of soap...but for your hair!

I usually pride myself on being the anti-hipster. I don’t mind being behind the times. I walk to the beat of my own drummer, and the two of get distracted easily. Still, I’m pretty embarrassed that I am only now jumping on the Lush bandwagon.

I had known about Lush for a while. I have tons of friends who are hopelessly devoted to at least one of their many amazing products. I, however, didn’t see a need for any of Lush’s natural soaps, hair products, lotions, or cosmetics until recently. (What was I thinking?) Continue reading

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Weekend Beauty Review: Vegan BB Cream

Do you like my super hip filter? I believe it was called "Emo."

If you pay any attention to the beauty business, then you may have noticed that the cosmetic industry has been blowing up with BB creams. “BB” stands for beauty balm, (sometimes also refereed to as blemish balms). BB cream’s cousin, CC cream, stands for color control. Both of these cosmetics are meant to be smeared on your face to wear on their own, or to prime for additional makeup . If you’re confused as to which lettered beauty cream would work the best for you, allow me to help. Continue reading

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Weekend Beauty 101: LUSH Cosmetics Review


Although this is a beauty product review, LUSH Cosmetics has proven (to me at least) to be just as natural as home remedy ingredients residing in your kitchen. I’m all for cheap and easy when it comes to beauty… I mean, why else would I resort to a face full of avocado or banana. Continue reading

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