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iEG Summer Roundup: Top 5 Fashion Trends


This year, summer fashion was all about dramatic prints, cuts, and lengths. Although there were tons of hot trends, here are iEG’s top five. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Beat the Heat in Style

chiffon shirt

We all romanticize summer— until we’re actually in it. By the time July rolls around, you pretty much know what it’s like to sweat through all of your clothes. Still, the overwhelming heat and humidity doesn’t have to ruin your summer or your favorite outfits. Here are five tips to help you pick the best clothes to beat the heat. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Confessions of a Dressaholic


We all have that favorite dress that we want to wear all the time. It fits perfectly, flatters effortlessly, and just makes you feel good. Unfortunately, we can’t wear our favorite dress all the time…or can we? With proper styling, I believe that any girl’s favorite dress can master the three basic roles of dress duty. Continue reading

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