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Foodie Tuesday: The Freezin’ Vegan

Every grocery has an "alternative" frozen food section. A lot of these frozen meals are vegan, but not all of them are, so the same rules of label reading still apply.

I know it’s a cheesy title, but it’s also intriguing, right? Last week, I promised an article about healthy oreos and other pretend indulgences, but thanks to my good friends at Megabus, I’m stuck in my hometown after Mother’s Day Weekend. (How does a bus get lost anyway?) Unfortunately, I (and by I, I mean the local grocery store) don’t have the necessary ingredients for the Foodie Tuesday post I had planned, which got me to thinking— what’s a vegan foodie to do when life intervenes? Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: The Visiting Vegan

This is some of my haul from Trader Joe's. Looks good, doesn't it?

I don’t really like to impose myself on people. I’d rather not force my existence upon others, but sometimes (this week for example)…you do what you gotta do. I’m staying at my friend’s apartment for the week. Because she was already kind enough to let me into her home, I didn’t want to inconvenience her more with my distinct eating habits. It’s kind of difficult to have “self-contained” eating habits as a vegan, but when you’re squatting in someone else’s life, there a few ways you can make it work without sacrificing nutrition or taste. Continue reading

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