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iEG Summer Music Roundup


This summer we brought music back a few decades! Between the 70’s sounds by Robin Thicke and Bruno Mars to liberating 90’s boy bands with Back Street Boys and *NSYNC — retro music is IN. Not too surprising — oldies always come back. Only, in this case, 90’s music is starting to be considered old and 20-somethings have some throwbacks to be excited about. Continue reading

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Music That Makes You Cooler: Is it Cool to Drop the Bass?


An independent Japanese music label, BlueHandVein Records, reached out to us at iEatGrass to check out one of their vegan artists. Yes, a lot of mystery. Who are they? And how do we know if this guy is really vegan anyway? The artist, Randy Ichinose, is a dubstep/electro producer. Continue reading

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Music To Make You Cooler: Galactic


While the group started as eight musicians getting intimate with their instruments on stage in 1994, it quickly slimmed down and found shape as a sextet that actually sang. Continue reading

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