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Music to Make You Cooler: Raury


Last night while Columbusing some new music for todays post I came across this kid, who is all the rage amongst music nerds, Blerds, (yes that includes Andre 3000) and heavy weight producers like Kanye. After listening to all of his songs I have my two word review Continue reading

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The Future in Tech: Seeing the World through Google Glass

So I guess this is what the future looks like. Would you wear them?

The first time I heard about Google’s new product, Google Glass, I was freaked out. And now I’m intrigued. I’ve got to give major props to Google’s marketing team for this one. I was really against the mere idea of Google Glass until I saw the video on Google’s official site introducing the new product. After seeing “How it Feels,” I still don’t think that Google Glass is necessary to be a functioning human being…but then again, neither is the iPhone perpetually glued to my hand. Continue reading

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The Future in Foods: Veganism In the Lab?


Flax and chia eggs may be a thing of the past, as Hampton Creek Foods’, a San Francisco-based laboratory, has seventeen scientists working tirelessly to create a flawless egg alternative. Hampton Creek is one of many venture capital-backed startups trying to engineer dietary alternatives that are better for the planet, healthier for people, and save the lives of animals. Who knew that the next step of the clean-food movement would be taking place in labs?
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