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Wellness: Say No to Colds the Natural Way

sick woman

Winter is coming… well we’re still a few months away, but it’s still getting cooler for those of us who don’t live in perpetual sunshine. Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Vegan Christmas Ginger Bars

ginger 3

Being an avid lover of all things ginger, especially warm from the oven gingersnaps, you would think I’d have tried a ginger brownie before. But no, I’d never heard of one before today. The concept is simple and perfect. Take the sweet, spicy flavors of gingerbread cookies and mix them with the dense cakiness of brownies and watch all your dreams come true. Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday: Vegan Cold Remedies (and Recipes!)

Tea lemon

I used to come down with an upper respiratory infection every winter. This entailed visits to the ER and antibiotics and chest x-rays…the works. I would dread the two weeks of my life that I was bound to lose each year due to the pesky viral-bug that liked to use my lungs as a holiday home. Then, I became vegan, and that critter got an eviction notice! (whoop whoop!) Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: Healing Foods

healing foods 2

I’m in a curious position of having a lot of knowledge about food and how it works that seems pretty basic to me, but to most is quite foreign. Having grown up with a “no doctors, no police mentality” thanks to my parents, we always learned how to keep our health up with what we could grow or buy in the local co-op (no Whole Foods back then.) Colds were remedied with little fuss, just some garlic, ginger tea or echinacea. Yes I was “free range” kid. Continue reading

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Weightloss Wednesday: Replacing the Meal

Banana Smoothie

I have been a Chef for 12 years and an actor for 7 years as I think about this balancing act I realize just how it is all connected. I sometimes don’t even realize when I’m switching gears or pulling from one profession to aid another. Continue reading

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