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Wellness Wednesday: Ingredients/Substitutes To Avoid


Food philosophies and diet crazes are like excuses, and butt-holes– because everyone has one. A vegan lifestyle can be healthy, but just because food is meat and dairy-free, doesn’t mean the research and development crew at Monsanto didn’t straight up build what you’re eating… Continue reading

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Meals that will bring you back to LYFE

lyfe inside

My friends and I stumbled into LYFE Kitchen after a less than ideal winter for veggies. I temporarily forgot about my veggie deprivation, and I downed the healthiest and most vegan-friendly food I’ve had in a while. Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

Shep's Pie

It’s freezing outside- everywhere. In fact, when it goes down to 60 degrees here in LA, some nights I feel like I’m in the frozen tundra!  I mean, how can we survive? While other parts of the country are really cold -like -10 degrees- I cannot comprehend how people function in that kind of f#&$ing cold. Growing up in Seattle, pre global warming days, summer highs were only in the upper 60’s.  Then after living in NYC for 8 years, where the hot, muggy summers were not enjoyable enough to … Continue reading

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Watch My New Vegan Cooking Show, “Like a Vegan”

He Shoots, He Scores!

Happy summer!! I have been dying to tell you about this new web cooking show I filmed a few weeks back. I don’t think you heard me: I FINALLY GOT A COOKING SHOW!! Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: 17 Lip-Smacking Vegan & Gluten Free Recipes

photo: Vegan Housewives

For those of you who are seeking to eat wheat/gluten free for other reasons, i.e. a sensitivity or illness, and you’re not sure where to start or how you’ll cope without your favorites, AND you’re freaking out because all the gluten-free baked goods you come across are made with eggs…….this round up is for you! Continue reading

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iEG Crush: Meet Nutty Cow, Vegan Ricotta Cheese Makers!

photo: Nutty Cow

This week, we caught up with one half of the Nutty Cow team, Alex. The cashew-based ricotta spread has been causing quite a stir in the veg world. Continue reading

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