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How To Avoid Emotional Eating


Binge Eating: We all do it. Sometimes more than we should. We do it when we’re happy, sad, stressed, celebrating, or just out of boredom. It’s easy to use food as a crutch, and that sugar rush you get from your favorite sweet snacks is instant gratification. While a small dose of stress eating will not be physically damaging, they can quickly develop into a habit. Continue reading

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Best Summer Foods For Weight Loss


Summer is almost over but that doesn’t mean you should give up on fitting into that bikini you bought months ago. By now you should realize that starvation and fad diets won’t get you anywhere and will give you nothing but flabby butt cheeks. Continue reading

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Rude Rabbit Food: When I Procure a Watermelon

Picking out a watermelon is like having a child, or so I’ve heard. You go to the grocery store and locate the pile of watermelons. You turn each one over, inspect it for bruises, knock on the outside to hear if it’s hollow, maybe even shake ‘em a little bit. Finally, you find the perfect one. You cradle it in your arms, look at it with eyes filled with instant love, and eventually take it home. It’s exactly like having a kid. Continue reading

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Rethink Your Comfort Foods: 10 Foods That Fight Stress


There’s a huge difference between tapping into a food’s inherently calming properties and using any food as a kind of emotional void. Continue reading

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25 Ways To Be Healthier

Photo: mediband.com

Start feeling your best with these 25 simple non life altering ways! Continue reading

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Kelly Osbourne Speaks Out About Antibiotics in Farmed Birds


More celebrities are paying attention to what they put on their dinner plates. Talk show host Kelly Osbourne recently blogged about the Vogue article ‘Chicken Coup’ and how it made her rethink her daily dietary habits. Continue reading

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