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Wellness Wednesday: Want Better Skin? Hit The Gym!

Photo: theskinspecialist.com

Next time you’re trying to build up enough motivation to workout, just remember: The result not only affects your body and your general health, but it can help keep your visage in tip-top shape. Now go on and show off that post-workout glow! Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: Your Perfect Post St. Patty’s Day Cure


Admit it, you probably over indulged this past weekend. I know I did, and my liver’s definitely in need of a detox. After a weekend of seeing green, I think it’s only fitting that the cure be something green as well. Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday: Getting Rid of Negativity


I’ve been on a really good roll during the past month on staying positive. Getting rid of negativity was one of my main New Year’s resolutions and I’m happy to say that I’ve totally stuck to it! (Unlike my others, such as procrastination which I do on a daily basis). It’s been a long road to get to this point.
Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday: Why We Need Self-Discipline


To achieve goals and success one needs self-discipline. It’s a vital aspect in life to get through temptations and maintain perseverance in all situations. Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday: 3 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse


Make your body feel good with a three day green smoothie cleanse. Release toxins and chemicals and get your system back on track Continue reading

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My Vegan Fit Journey: Finding My Inner Yogi


For this week’s fit journey, we have a very special featured guest! The one and only Ayinde, head muncher here at IEG! I reached out to Ayinde to ask if he would do me the favor of a private yoga session. I know he has been practicing for years and I thought it would be a great experience for me to get individual instruction. Continue reading

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