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iEG Crush: Budi-ful Budi Bars


Not all superfood bars are created equal. While many claim to offer amazing health benefits, Budi Bars actually deliver on them. Even though Budi Bars were originally designed to nourish cancer patients, I found they offer complete and essential nutrition that everyone needs no matter their state of health. Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: Healing Foods

healing foods 2

I’m in a curious position of having a lot of knowledge about food and how it works that seems pretty basic to me, but to most is quite foreign. Having grown up with a “no doctors, no police mentality” thanks to my parents, we always learned how to keep our health up with what we could grow or buy in the local co-op (no Whole Foods back then.) Colds were remedied with little fuss, just some garlic, ginger tea or echinacea. Yes I was “free range” kid. Continue reading

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Weight Loss Wednesday: Airport-Friendly Fare

via Bonappetit.com

Nowadays, “flying in style” pertains not only to your seat or airport ensemble, but your snacking, as well. Continue reading

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