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Fashion Friday: Top 5 Vegan Hats for Fall

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My favorite part of fall is breaking out my warm weather accessories. While the classic fall accessory is a scarf, a vegan hat is another cute way to complete any autumn outfit. Hat hair has never looked so good. Continue reading

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Weight Loss Wednesday: Hemp Protein

Tempt HmpmilkPkgs

Hemp has been cultivated for over 10,000 years and it’s one of the earliest domesticated plants. It was first used in China and Taiwan to make ropes, pottery, clothing, and even early forms of paper. Today, it’s still used to make many of those things and more! It would probably be easier to make a list of things hemp can’t be used for. Along with it’s early uses in making paper and clothing you can also find it in biodegradable plastic, body products, oil, birdseed, and even bio fuel. Continue reading

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Protein Party: Nutiva Hemp Powder


I’ve had the pleasure (and sometimes displeasure) of tasting quite a few different protein products in my day. This one grabbed me for a few different reasons: organic, non-GMO and did I say free? Continue reading

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