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Wellness Wednesday: Broccoli Pasta Salad


Eating salad doesn’t mean you can only eat lettuce, throw together broccoli and pasta for a delicious healthy pasta salad! Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: Lightly Seasoned, and Pan Seared Cauliflower

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I like things seasoned. So much so that I remember my last girlfriend saying “you don’t like the taste of vegetables do you?” Well, yes, I like seasoned veggies. But a little thing I’ve learned about always wanting to be right is that I have to actually listen to other people and test out their theories. Over the last year I took my knowledge of combining herbs and broke it down to focusing on one herb and accenting it with simple salt and pepper. Continue reading

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Sage Matters


Sage has been shown to work as an antibiotic, an antifungal, an astringent, and a tonic. Continue reading

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