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Best of My Meatless Life: Ayinde’s Guide to Life


I posted on my FB page a few weeks back about how you can lead a horse (read friend) to water (telling them what they can/should do to better their situation) and the horse will refuse to drink… I think you get the analogy by now. I have these people pop up in my life a lot I’m not sure why; I’m a pretty empathic person so I guess I try to get friendly with too many folks because their problems will become mine, albeit temporarily some with permanent residue. Continue reading

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The Lusty Vegan-Supplemental: Mr Right Now


In my lifetime, I’ve been Mr. “Right Now” for a long time–most of my 20’s to be exact–and it was by design. I wanted to focus on my career and not let anything, like oh I don’t know–commitment, get in the way. I tell you I had it down to a science. Continue reading

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