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Lip Service: Fall and Winter Vegan Lip Perfection


The perfect vegan lip isn’t the mythical unicorn of makeup. Here are some of the absolute best formulas, tips and tools to get that perfect, feather-free lip color that’s going to rock you from Fall all the way around the Christmas tree. Continue reading

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Weekend Beauty 101: DIY Makeup Remover Wipes


We’re girls… we wear makeup. Trust me, it’s probably for the best. I’m not saying dramatic black eyeliner and fire engine red lipstick should be worn on the daily but a little cover-up here and there never hurt anyone. Unless, of course, you have a habit of passing out before washing your face — in that case, there might be an issue. Continue reading

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WTF Happened?! A Timeline of Fallen Disney Stars


With all the chitter-chatter and slut-shaming going on this week (sorry, Miley!), it seems that it’s quite apparent that there is a vicious cycle when it comes to the inevitable moment when Disney stars depart from the mouse. As these once-adorable celeb kids thrust themselves into adulthood, more often times than not, there seems to be a grand coming-of-age spectacle or unfortunate and sometimes fatal disaster. Continue reading

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Weekend Beauty 101: Lemon Body Scrub


I’m backkkk! After an extended hiatus, this beauty blogger is back in action. Tune in on Saturdays for the latest natural and cruelty-free DIY beauty solutions made with ingredients that are already in your pantry or fridge. Ah yes, convenience at its finest. Continue reading

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iEG Celebrates World Environment Day 2013


Although we’re environmentally conscious every day over at iEG HQ, an important celebration to annually recognize is World Environment Day on June 5. This year’s theme is “Think, Eat, Save.” There are so many ways to live an eco-friendly life.
Continue reading

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iEG UPDATE: Summer Scavenger Hunt Contest!

Just an example to get your mind goin'! Creativity is encouraged.

The iEatGrass team is thrilled to announce our first ever Scavenger Hunt contest to kick off summer 2013. Not afraid to be a total goofball in public? A wild child? Or just don’t care what other people think in general? Then this is the perfect challenge for you! Continue reading

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