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My Meatless Life: LA Vegan Food Scene


I have been in my new city for about 5 months now, but it only feels like two because I’ve been traveling so much. But when I get home, I don’t always feel like cooking, and when it comes to dating, I may not want to cook for a woman on the first date– I mean after all I have to have something to build up to. So this is a list of places in LA I like. I don’t use the other L word a lot, and when it comes to vegan food, I am a snob. However, here are the places I don’t hate.
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My Meatless Life: The Show. No really…


I’m very nervous today. All of a sudden the fact that I have dusted off my old scribe and penned a new one hour solo multimedia- performance piece with dinner served named for this very column is scaring the shit out of me. Today it seems like it may not have been the best idea but it is on the list. I made a list of goals I wanted to achieve this year and even though it’s been tough! Continue reading

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iEG Interns Wanted: LA Editorial and Chef staging opportunities


iEatGrass.com is seeking interns in the Los Angeles area! Interns must be available to put in office time in LA where duties will include administrative work, writing posts, blog maintenance, recipe testing possible piggy back rides. Intern candidates must possess strong communication, organizational and writing skills; a background or strong interest in vegan and plant-based cooking and holistic nutrition is a must. Also looking for professional chef’s and talented culinary school grads for staging opportunity with executive chef Ayinde. Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: Seasoning Your Skillet


I am settling into LA just fine. I moved into my new place over the weekend and had no bed for a couple days, which meant I had to sleep on the floor. One moving tip I can share with you is this: I had to buy a new cast iron skillet and you can’t just use it out the box per se. You have to “season” it. What is that, Chef Ayinde? Well I’m glad you asked. It’s easy! Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: LA

Runyon LA

I guess it’s called kinetic energy. I feel like I was shot out of a cannon last week. It all happened so fast. I looked up and I was in LA. Yes, Los Angeles, CA. Let me backtrack a little. It’s a place I’ve said I wanted to live for the last five years. I was waiting for everything to be perfect and in place; the money, the connections — all that stuff, but life is rarely perfect. Continue reading

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Urban Food Crawl: 6 Vegan Eateries, 3 Miles, 1 Afternoon


Here, iEG Contributor Zoe Eisenberg talks to Jen Bardekoff and Sheri Wheeler, the founders of Urban Food Crawl—a vegan food tour in Los Angeles. Continue reading

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