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iEG Trending: #PlasticSucks Challenge


The Keep a Breast Foundation asked those questions with their week-long #PlasticSucks Challenge. Even though the official challenge took place last week, the 14th – the 20th, I’m hearing more about this challenge now than I did before it started. More people seem to be jumping on the no plastic bandwagon now and, of course, that’s a good thing! Continue reading

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The Future in Tech: Seeing the World through Google Glass

So I guess this is what the future looks like. Would you wear them?

The first time I heard about Google’s new product, Google Glass, I was freaked out. And now I’m intrigued. I’ve got to give major props to Google’s marketing team for this one. I was really against the mere idea of Google Glass until I saw the video on Google’s official site introducing the new product. After seeing “How it Feels,” I still don’t think that Google Glass is necessary to be a functioning human being…but then again, neither is the iPhone perpetually glued to my hand. Continue reading

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Weight Loss Wednesday: Eat Clean, Be Lean

clean food

What does it mean to eat “clean”? Clean-eaters typically abstain from eating refined sugars, processed foods, gluten, and only eat pure, (mostly) organic, whole foods—foods that come from the earth. This, for me, includes: fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes, beans, rice, and grains. Continue reading

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An Interview with Laika Magazine Founder, Julie Gueraseva


Many of you have already heard of Laika, the new vegan lifestyle magazine. The premier issue is available (order yours in print or online!) and everyone is still talking about their launch party in NYC last month. Even though I missed the launch party (wah wah wah), I did get to dish with founder and editorial director Julie Gueraseva, who is extremely inspiring and entirely lovely. Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday: “Nutritarian” 10 Questions with Lauren Walls


“The vegan lifestyle jump started my life. It’s a whole new world and I’m still learning so much every day.” In a Q&A, Lauren Forster Walls tells iEG that her life has been affected mentally, physically and spiritually by adopting a “nutritarian” lifestyle along with shedding over 30 pounds. Learn Lauren’s story and find out how she lives free of medication, headaches, backaches, seasonal allergies and admits to being PMS free! Continue reading

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iEG 2.0

It’s been a long time coming and it’s finally here, I Eat Grass 2.0! This the beginning of the next level for us look for more recipes, more pictures, new content and more videos. We strive to be innovators and pioneers in the plant based lifestyle movement. After all, eating is only a small part of this crazy thing called life. I invite you take some time to explore the new features of the site and stick with us as we continue to make some adjustments. My goal is to … Continue reading

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