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Five Delicious Ways to Keep McDonald’s on The Ropes


McDonald’s saw its stock fall by $300 million over the past quarter. Some are blaming fast casual restaurants for the decline in business; others are citing healthier food trends as the cause. Here are five slammin’ vegan alternatives to McDonald’s, for vegans and the health conscious on the go. Continue reading

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Will You be Satisfried?


On Tuesday, September 24, Burger King released a new product, Satisfries. The fast food giant claims this new product is healthier, having 40 percent less fat and 30 percent less calories than McDonald’s fries. Continue reading

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McDonalds Goes Veg…in Canada Anyway

MCDONALD'S CANADA - Veggies? Canadians Asked. McDonald's® Listen

The Big Mac isn’t so big to our northern neighbors. Ten years ago, Canadian McDonalds ditched their veggie burgers, but they’re now reintroducing the concept of meat-free options with two new wraps. Continue reading

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McDonald’s Comes Out of the Calorie Closet


Throughout the country, McDonald’s menus will begin to display a calorie count. Um, Earth to Mickey D’s… it’s about time. Continue reading

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