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Leila’s Lemon, Mint & Pea Brown Rice Risotto

What Leila Eats

This is probably the healthiest risotto you’ll ever have. The creaminess of the peas is going to do all the hard work for you, so just sit back, relax and wait 30 years for the brown rice to cook… Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: 3 Cheese Mac & Cheese Balls

MAc & Cheese balls

Here is my latest installment of cuddle food– and I must say I need it after yesterday… Continue reading

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Chipotle: In With Tofu, Out with Pork


Chipotle announced that they will be eliminating all pork products from a third of their nearly 1800 locations on January 26. Wait, the SAME day they are promoting Sofritas in exchange for a FREE menu item just so they can get some meatless protein inside the tofu-curious population? Coincidence? I think not. Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Vegan Potato Skips!

potato skips

How many times have you had the tedious task of potato peeling? It’s probably one of my least favorite cooking activities, and if I’m cooking for myself, I usually skip it. However, sometimes a recipe calls for it, or maybe you are one of those anti-potato skins in mashed potatoes people… Continue reading

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Time for Rebuttal: 17 of Jay Z’s Favorite Foods That Vegans Do Better

Jay Z; Photograph: Brian Finke

Our friends at MTV.com posted an article on foods they suspected Jay Z might be missing now that he and BeyoncĂ© are dabbling in vegan dining. Though it was surely intended to be tongue-in-cheek, the author merely reinforced the common omnivorous misconception that vegan food is some kind of downgrade. He couldn’t be more clueless. Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Pumpkin Waffles w/ Candied Walnut Caramel Sauce!

pumpkin waffles

These waffles will delight your palate, and the sauce will make people think you’re much fancier than you really are. So go ahead and treat yourself, and if you’re smart, you’ll make extra and freeze them for a fabulous weekday breakfast treat! Continue reading

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