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Music to Make You Cooler: Raury


Last night while Columbusing some new music for todays post I came across this kid, who is all the rage amongst music nerds, Blerds, (yes that includes Andre 3000) and heavy weight producers like Kanye. After listening to all of his songs I have my two word review Continue reading

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It’s Festival Season In Adelaide Australia


If you’re looking to dip out of The States anytime soon do it now and make your way to Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. It’s the perfect time to escape the artic weather and get a taste of Australia’s summer. Not to mention it’s also the famous festival season! Continue reading

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Beyonce Drops Surprise (But Unsurprisingly Awesome) Album

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 12.23.10 PM

Queen Bey has done it again. Last night, the newly plant-based pop star released her fifth album exclusively on iTunes. Continue reading

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Compassionate Rapper: An Interview with Vegan Boss

vegan boss 1

I recently had the pleasure of chatting it up with very up and coming rap artist, Vegan Boss! His music is definitely in the ears of many within the vegan community, even catching the attention of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. His music is now starting to make its way into the mainstream as he’s currently working on a new project. Continue reading

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Jay-Z and Beyonce Go Vegan!


Jay-Z is embarking on a 22 day challenge to better health because psychologists say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. “On the 22nd day,” Jay-Z wrote, “you’ve found the way.” Continue reading

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iEG Summer Music Roundup


This summer we brought music back a few decades! Between the 70’s sounds by Robin Thicke and Bruno Mars to liberating 90’s boy bands with Back Street Boys and *NSYNC — retro music is IN. Not too surprising — oldies always come back. Only, in this case, 90’s music is starting to be considered old and 20-somethings have some throwbacks to be excited about. Continue reading

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