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Darling Dumplings: Smoked Tofu & ‘Pork’


It’s Foodie Tuesday again here at iEatGrass, and Shadé, a.k.a. One Vegan Fatty, has the perfect way for you to keep warm during this cold streak, while adding a little Asian flavor to your life. Continue reading

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11 Recipes To Put the ‘Green’ Back Into Your Winter

Photo: Paige Green

We’re a few weeks away from spring, or so the groundhog says. Still, it can feel like we’re centuries away from the fresh produce of the warmer months. Don’t let it get you down… I’ve put together a roundup of recipes that will help you get through this last stretch. Continue reading

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Not Yo Mama’s: Banana Nut Bread

banana nut bread-1

Banana Nut Bread is one of those foods that makes me feel like a kid again when I smell it baking. Warm cinnamon…nutty, well…nuts (lol)…those scents turn me into an oven lurker, counting the minutes before I can taste a hot slice of heaven. Continue reading

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Not Yo Mama’s: Caramelized Pear & Ginger Cup-Pie with a Shortbread Crust

photo 5

Okay, so maybe your mama never made a cup-pie in your life. I haven’t searched the all-knowing google yet, but I’m not even sure that cup-pies are a THING. Either way, they’re delicious, and I’d be happy to find out that I invented the little suckers. Continue reading

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Not Yo Mama’s: Quiche

quiche fatty

Shadé, better known as One Vegan Fatty (and our award winning Instagram photo contestant) is a native New Yorker who set out on a mission to convince the world that plant-based foods could, and should, still be decadent and delicious…healthiness optional! Continue reading

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