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Foodie Tuesday: Life Hacks for the New Vegan

I added peanut butter and coconut toasted almonds to mine! I went a little nuts with it, but it was so good!

While a Tofurky sandwich may be tasty on occasion, if you’re eating it every night because you can’t make anything else, you may be in need of some vegan life hacks. A life hack is a strategy or technique you can do to manage your time and daily activities in a more efficient way. Vegans like to claim that sticking to a vegan lifestyle is easy—and it is—when you have a fully stocked kitchen and hours to kill.

If you’re new to the vegan lifestyle, however, you can easily get discouraged if it’s not as easy as the famous vegan foodies make it seem. Eating right as a new vegan takes time, effort, and commitment, but there are small, simple things you can do every day to make your new vegan life easier. Continue reading

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Weight Loss Wednesday: Meal Prep


Up until fairly recently, I had been against the whole “meal prep” thing. I always see work-out obsessed people on Instagram posting pictures of grey looking food in plastic containers with captions like “Just knocked out meal prep Monday, bro” or “PREP OR DIE. GONNA GO GUZZLE SOME WHEY POWDER.” Maybe I’m exaggerating with the second one, but I think I’m pretty close. Continue reading

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