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Trending: Kimye is Baby Bound! (And Why We Should Care)


So as a little new year’s pregame, Kimye announced they are expecting a mini mogul! For those of us who don’t speak celebrity nicknames, this means Kim Kardashian is having Kanye West’s baby.

Many of us are like, who the eff cares? It’s 2013! I have to focus on more important things, like the fiscal cliff and the 859 resolutions I just made (More kale! More sleep! More sex!). But our society loves celebrities almost as much as we love babies (and talking about who got fat when they’re pregnant), so let’s just nibble on this little bit of gossip for a hot second before we dust off our running shoes and hit the gym. Continue reading

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This Just In: Preggers and Vegan?


Hey, I know you, you’ve adopted a plant-based diet to help save the animals, the planet and yourself. But, could a vegan diet be detrimental to your unborn child? Continue reading

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