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The Lusty Vegan: 5 Cocktails to Start Your Weekend Right


By now most vegans know that not all cocktails are cruelty-free. Talk about a buzz kill. Armed with the right knowledge,it’s easy to order cruelty-free drinks while you’re out, but it’s even easier to make your own and sip from the comfort of the couch.Whether you’re getting saucy with bae, having a girls or guys night, or drinking on your own while you binge watch Netflix, these cocktail recipes are sure to make for delicious company. Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Sangria Salad aka Best Damn Salad Ever!

Awesome Salad

Editors note: Read this in your best drunk voice. You’re welcome

What to you do when your neighbor-friends dump a jug of red wine at your place because they “hated it” and you went a little overboard at Whole Foods, because they were having a crazy sale on organic fruits?

You make Sangria Fruit Salad, of course! ::happy dance:: (twirls)

This fruit salad is worlds above that stuff that comes in those mini cans or little plastic tubs…this stuff is worthy of sharing with friends and/or anyone you’ve been unsuccessfully trying to seduce (teehee!) … (hick.) Continue reading

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