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Tech Talk: Diamonds Could Potentially Improve Computers?


Physicists have gotten a first look at the way electrons spin in a tiny diamond wire, and it could mean big things for computer technology. Continue reading

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Science Says: This Brain Region May Be Unique To Humans


Scientists have identified a part of the brain that seems to be unique to humans. Continue reading

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‘Swamp monster’ Skull Found in Texas


A sharp toothed, long-nosed skull found in Texas belonged to a “swamp monster” that lived more than 200 million years ago. Continue reading

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The Future in Foods: Veganism In the Lab?


Flax and chia eggs may be a thing of the past, as Hampton Creek Foods’, a San Francisco-based laboratory, has seventeen scientists working tirelessly to create a flawless egg alternative. Hampton Creek is one of many venture capital-backed startups trying to engineer dietary alternatives that are better for the planet, healthier for people, and save the lives of animals. Who knew that the next step of the clean-food movement would be taking place in labs?
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