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Fashion Friday: Wanelo–Friend or Foe?

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Beware Wanelo. It is a very dangerous website and app. It pulls at your heart and purse strings, threatening to strangle you with both. Perhaps I should explain my wariness…My sister (an admitted shopaholic) introduced me to this site, and I will never forgive (read: be able to repay) her. Continue reading

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Vegan Vogue: How-To Become A Master Thrifter

One of my absolute favorite ways to shop is thrifting. There are so many benefits to finding clothing and accessories second hand. It’s a great way to find really unique items that no one else has, a way to save money, and most importantly makes a global impact being you are purchasing second hand. It’s by far one of the most eco-friendly ways to shop. Continue reading

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Beach Bod Goddess: Shop Before You Drop (the Lbs.)


We all love to lounge around in our yoga pants, but if you are trying to get into prime shape, let clothing with hemlines lead the way. Continue reading

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A Lesson in Frugality: 5 Ways to Eat Cheap


Now that I am traversing young adulthood, my expensive food tastes are taking a toll—on my bank account. Continue reading

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