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iEG Summer Roundup: Top 5 Fashion Trends


This year, summer fashion was all about dramatic prints, cuts, and lengths. Although there were tons of hot trends, here are iEG’s top five. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Spring into Style 2013

spring fashion-2013

As a result of the owl and mustache fashion fads of the past few years, I have developed an idiosyncratic system to express my opinion about certain fashion trends. Most people say that they are “over” something when they don’t like it, but I like use the converse as well. If I like something, I’m “under” it. As far as I know, I’m the only weirdo who explains my likes and dislikes this way, and now it’s time to weigh in on the fashion trends of Spring 2013. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Shorts Over Tights = Brilliant!

L Gells

I hate pants. I know it’s bad to hate anything, but I’m just not the biggest fan. Maybe it’s because of my lack of height or lack of self-confidence. Deep breath. Anywho, I dread the winter months where my only choice is skinny jeans or frostbite. Continue reading

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