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Foodie Tuesday: Socii- The Best Foodie App You’ve Never Heard Of

Screenshot 2014-04-28 21.08.39

My favorite apps, besides the half-priced ones at Applebees (ba dum hiss), are food apps. From delivery apps like Grub Hub to vegan versions of Yelp, like Happy Cow, to the sometimes sketchy but always interesting Leftover Swap, there’s a ton of food apps out there. Only one, however, can get you FREE food simply by tweeting, statusing, or instagramming. This new app is Socii, and it’s the best app you’ve never heard of. Continue reading

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Happy 10th Birthday, LinkedIn!


LinkedIn was started by Reed Hoffman on May 5, 2003 in his living room. He began by asking a few hundred of his friends to join, but now the site has over 200 million users. According to the company’s stats, they accumulate two more memberships every second, making it the largest professional social network in the world. Continue reading

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App Alert: Bitstrips Lets You Star in Your Own Comic

My friend and I asking ourselves the age old question, "Will it blend?"

Ever wanted to see yourself in a comic strip? Yeah, there’s an app for that. Bitstrips is somewhere between a social media platform and a game. It’s all about creating a virtual identity that interacts with other virtual identities, with the added benefit of “going” on virtual mini-adventures. It’s a way to represent yourself that goes beyond the traditional Facebook photo album. Continue reading

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Stageit.com: Live Concerts in the Comfort of Your Own Home


A popular country artist, Jake Owen, used Stageit to raise money for charity. He encouraged fans to “pay what you want” which, according to Owen, ranged from 10 cents to $10. Viewers proceeded to tip him to play their favorite songs. Owen sat in his kitchen, performed live via Stageit and raised over $1000 in the process. Continue reading

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