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GQ Finds Out What Your Fav. ‘Ultra’-Vegan, Scott Jurek, Eats In A Day

GQ- Jurek

Jurek, 41, finished all 2,160 miles of the Appalachian Trail this summer in a mere 46 days, eight hours and seven minutes. That’s a super-vegan. Continue reading

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The Protein Argument: “But Where Do You Get Your Protein?”


The next time you get the protein song and dance, ask the person to tell you what protein is. Continue reading

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Today’s Pop Culture Vegans


I recently realized many of the greatest minds in history did not eat any meat, including: Albert Einstein, Leo Tolstoy, Socrates, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mary Shelley, Confucius and Benjamin Franklin. This got me thinking… which influential people in American culture these days are vegan? Continue reading

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My Vegan Fit Journey: Forget the New Year’s Resolutions

stairs looking down

Yup! I said it. Ditch those resolutions! How many times have you said that come January 1st, you are going to eat healthy and exercise regularly only to find yourself back in your not-so-great habits as early as February? Continue reading

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Vegan Fit Journey: Go Take a Hike!


Hiking happens to be one of my favorite activities when I need to switch up my exercise routine. When I don’t feel like hitting the gym, getting outdoors in nature is the best escape for me. Hiking is not only good for your body, but it also helps you get your mind right! Continue reading

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NASCAR’s Vegan Driver, Leilani Munter


NASCAR and veganism go hand in hand. Wait, that’s not right. An article published on AOL’s NASCAR Sporting News said “[Vegan racecar driver] Munter wants to encourage race fans to give up their barbecue.” That sentence alone is enough to throw many racing fans into a fit of rage, but that isn’t exactly what Leilani Munter is all about. She basically wants to rid vegan stereotypes from the minds of fans of her sport. We all know that a lot of people think that vegans just munch on grass all … Continue reading

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