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A Diary of Veg to Vegan: Blazin’ Onto Veganism

Photo by Hannah Johnson

After 19 years of vegetarianism, I have decided to give veganism a whirl–again. I stocked my mini-fridge with as much Whole Foods goods as possible, but I need to take the streets of my college town to fully embrace the vegan experience. My first stop? Blaze Pizza. Continue reading

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Five Delicious Ways to Keep McDonald’s on The Ropes


McDonald’s saw its stock fall by $300 million over the past quarter. Some are blaming fast casual restaurants for the decline in business; others are citing healthier food trends as the cause. Here are five slammin’ vegan alternatives to McDonald’s, for vegans and the health conscious on the go. Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Garlic Butter Hasselback Potatoes

hasselback after

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that are the most extraordinary. Take the baked potato. It’s been the quintessential side dish of the Western world since the Vikings landed, or something like that, and we still can’t get enough Continue reading

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Chipotle: Another Fast Food Breakthrough!


After your first trial of Burger King’s Satisfries, drive on over to Chipotle and taste the pinto beans for the first time ever! Soon enough, vegans and vegetarians will be able to consume Chipotle’s former porky pinto beans in all their glory! Continue reading

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McDonalds Goes Veg…in Canada Anyway

MCDONALD'S CANADA - Veggies? Canadians Asked. McDonald's® Listen

The Big Mac isn’t so big to our northern neighbors. Ten years ago, Canadian McDonalds ditched their veggie burgers, but they’re now reintroducing the concept of meat-free options with two new wraps. Continue reading

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