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Food Porn Party: Food Prep, Fudge, and Fall Empenadas

I walked for miles today just so I could justify the making, and subsequent inhalation, of this fudgy number!  - Shad

This week, the iEG is balancing fall flavors between the sweet and savory! We’ve got cookies, quiches, and even some empanadas! You best believe we got the pics to prove it… Continue reading

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Not Yo Mama’s: Quiche

quiche fatty

Shadé, better known as One Vegan Fatty (and our award winning Instagram photo contestant) is a native New Yorker who set out on a mission to convince the world that plant-based foods could, and should, still be decadent and delicious…healthiness optional! Continue reading

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From the Giant’s Kitchen: Summertime Quiche

quiche edge

As complicated as it may be to pronounce for the first time, quiche is fairly simple to make. It also keeps well in the fridge, making it an ideal Sunday dinner that turns into Monday’s (and Tuesday’s) lunch. Continue reading

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