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Enter the IEG BEST S’mores Contest, it’s a Piece of Cake!


Have you entered the IEG S’mores contest? There’s a prize to be had! Here’s a bit of inspiration for you guys. I whipped up this Vegan, ooey-gooey mound of S’mores bliss cake. The only thing missing was the nostalgic smell and sound of a crackling bon fire. Continue reading

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5 Recipes You MUST Try Before Summer Ends!


However, I was just browsing some of my friends YouTube channels and came across some pretty mouthwatering recipes I think we should both try. So here you go. Try them and report back! Continue reading

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Check out The Top Cruelty-Free Back-to-School Gear


Here’s a guide to some back-to-school bags and school supplies, campus-worthy clothes and casual kicks that avoid all the leather and hopefully keep things eco-friendly too. Continue reading

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Rude Rabbit Food: When I Spiralize Zucchini

zucchini penis

Some foods look like male genitalia. And some kitchen appliances could be misused as torture devices for male genitalia. That’s the joke. Okay, maybe it’s not so much a joke as an idle threat. Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday: 5 Foods You Should Incorporate Into Your Diet


So.. you think you’re doing this vegan thing right, don’t you? You’re healthy, you avoid packaged foods and you don’t buy into the counting carbs/calorie craze because you simply don’t have to. You’ve mastered nutrition label reading in the vegan first grade. You have it down to a science. But what if there was more? Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday: How to Remain Healthy on a Vegan Diet

Dangerous habits: Jordan Younger, the popular blogger behind Instagram handle The Blonde Vegan, has opened up about how her obsession with following a plant-based diet led to a dangerous eating disorder via DailyMail

To shed some light on how to heal on a vegan diet, check out an exclusive Q&A with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Sarah Tannen, from UF Health Shands Hospital. Continue reading

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