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Rude Rabbit Food: When I Spiralize Zucchini

zucchini penis

Some foods look like male genitalia. And some kitchen appliances could be misused as torture devices for male genitalia. That’s the joke. Okay, maybe it’s not so much a joke as an idle threat. Continue reading

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Rude Rabbit Food: When I Procure a Watermelon

Picking out a watermelon is like having a child, or so I’ve heard. You go to the grocery store and locate the pile of watermelons. You turn each one over, inspect it for bruises, knock on the outside to hear if it’s hollow, maybe even shake ‘em a little bit. Finally, you find the perfect one. You cradle it in your arms, look at it with eyes filled with instant love, and eventually take it home. It’s exactly like having a kid. Continue reading

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Why Sweden is Going Veg


Looking for another reason to stray away from pig meat? Sweden is going vegetarian, and here’s why. Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: Elizabeth Castoria Teaches Us “How to Be Vegan”


Elizabeth Castoria, former editorial director of VegNews, has recently debuted her first book, How to Be Vegan. The title is a reflection of the intent of the book, in that it doesn’t just teach readers how to eat vegan, but live vegan as well. Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: Socii- The Best Foodie App You’ve Never Heard Of

Screenshot 2014-04-28 21.08.39

My favorite apps, besides the half-priced ones at Applebees (ba dum hiss), are food apps. From delivery apps like Grub Hub to vegan versions of Yelp, like Happy Cow, to the sometimes sketchy but always interesting Leftover Swap, there’s a ton of food apps out there. Only one, however, can get you FREE food simply by tweeting, statusing, or instagramming. This new app is Socii, and it’s the best app you’ve never heard of. Continue reading

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The Lusty Vegan: But Really, Do Vegans Taste Better?

Sexy kinda! This shot was taken while goofing off on the Lusty Vegan book set.

The healthier the eater, the better tasting their spunk. There, I said it. Continue reading

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